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refined soybean oil


Jyoti Kiran Punget Mustard Oil

Keeping in mind the Goyal Business Ethics to provide the best cooking medium, Goyal Vegoils Ltd. introduced the best quality Jyoti Kiran Pungent Mustard Oil, retaining the natural pungency of mustard.

The Company’s R&D developed ‘Cold Screw Press Technology and put it to Commercial use First time in the History of Mustard Oil Production. The Innovation has proved very successful in extracting Mustard Oil with full of Nutrition and Natural Pungent Aroma by Cold Process.

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refined soybean oil

Goyal Vegoils Limited manufactures “Jyoti Kiran’’ pungent mustard oil.

Pungent Mustard Oil is manufactured from clean, free from foreign matter, good Indian mustard seed by modern cold press chillex technology and double filtered.

Jyoti Kiran mustard pungent oil has high level of unsaturated fat (MUFA/PUFA).

It is high in MUFA (Monounsaturated Fatty Acid) and Omega -3 fatty acid which reduce the blood cholesterol and heart diseases.

It has ideal ratio of essential fatty acid Omega -6 and Omega -3.

It has high natural essential oil as Allyl-isothiocynate which is preservative character like pickles, chutney and other preparation.

The main features of the Jyoti Kiran Brand are :
  • Extracted from high quality Mustard seed
  • Pure Pungency obtained by Chillex Process
  • Quality Standards specified by Indian Govt. are fully complied
  • Possesses natural ingredients for healthy living
  • Agmark Grade-1
pungent mustard oil
Moisture insoluble impurity volatile
0.35 %Max
Natural Essential as Allyl-isothiocynate
0.30% Min
Coluor in 1/4 inch cell on Lovibond scale as (Y+5R)
35 Unit Max
Acid value
Iodine value
Saponification value
Unsaponifiable matter
1.00% Max
Belier’s turbidity Temperature
Refractive index at 40°c
1.4646 to 1.4662
Unsaturated Fat (MUFA/PUFA)
Saturated Fat
Free from Adulteration and Argemone

* Due to quality of raw material, the apperance & specifications of our product may change.

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